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Roberto Hernández is a professional Spanish coach with wide experience and success in men and women basketball.

Roberto Hernández was an assistant coach in Ros Casares Valencia during the 2008/09 and the 2009/10 seasons, becoming Spanish League, Cup and Supercup Champion in the 2008/09 season and Spanish Cup Champion and Euroleague Finalist in the 2009/10 season.

In 2010, Roberto Hernández was also assistant coach in the Spanish National Team that won the Bronze Medal in the World Championship played in Czech Republic.

Roberto Hernández signed as head coach with Pinkk Pecs during the 2012/13 season and in his second year in the club he won the Hungarian League against all odds.

Roberto Hernández also coached in Hungary during the 2015/16 season and with PEAC Pecs he played his third season in the Eurocup as head coach.

In men basketball, Roberto Hernández was an assistant coach in Spanish ACB with Pamesa Valencia (2001-02) and Granada (2007-08), assistant coach in Leb Gold with Ourense (2010-11), head coach in Leb Silver with Doncel La Serena (2013-14), assistant coach in LEB Silver with Gandia and head coach in EBA with Doncel La Serena (2002-03), Granada (2004-07), Gandía (2012-13) and Almassera (2016-17).

In the 2017/18 season, Roberto Hernández signed in Russia with Dynamo Kursk and won the European Supercup and the Russian Cup.


2017/18 Assistant Coach Dynamo Kursk (Euroleague)

2016/17 Head Coach Almássera (Spain-EBA)

2015/16 Head Coach PEAC Pecs (Hungary-Eurocup)

2014/15 Head Coach PINKK Pecs (Hungary-Eurocup)

2013/14 Head Coach PINKK Pecs (Hungary-Eurocup)

2012/13 Head Coach PINKK Pecs (Hungary-Eurocup)

2010/11 Assistant Coach Ourense (Spain-Leb Gold)

2010 Assistant Coach - Spanish National Team

2009/10 Assistant Coach Ros Casares Valencia (Spain-Euroleague)

2008/09 Assistant Coach Ros Casares Valencia (Spain-Euroleague)

2007/08 Assistant Coach Granada (Spain-ACB)

2004/07 Head Coach Granada (Spain-EBA y U20)

2003/04 Head Coach Doncel La Serena (Spain-LEB 2)

2002/03 Head Coach Doncel La Serena (Spain-EBA)

2001/02 Assistant Coach - Pamesa Valencia (Spain-ACB)

2000/01 Assistant Coach - Ros Casares Godella (Spain-Euroleague)


  • Russian Cup Champion 2017/18
  • European Super Cup Champion 2017/18
  • Kursk Governor Cup Champion 2017/18
  • Hungarian League Champion 2013/14
  • Coach of the Year | Hungarian League 2013/14
  • Bronze Medal | World Championship 2010
  • Euroleague Final Four 2009/10
  • Spanish League Champion 2009/10
  • Spanish Cup Champion 2009/10
  • Spanish Super Cup Champion 2009/10
  • Spanish Cup Finalist 2001/02 (Men)