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Andreu Bou is a professional Spanish coach who has experiece with the Spanish National Team (2 Gold and 1 Bronze Medal in U16 European Championships) and also in Spanish Liga Femenina after developing the basketball projects in Cadí La Seu (5 seasons) and Campus Promete (2.5 seasons).

Andreu Bou started his career in men basketball, coaching C.N.Sabadell in the 2005/06 season and Sedis Mausa in the 2006/17 season.

In the 2007/08 season, Andreu Bou became an assistat coach in Sedis Casí and finally in the 2009/10 season he became the head coach in the Liga Femenina team.

During his five years as head coach in Sedis Cadí, Andreu Bou qualified in 4th position in the 2012/13 (with meritory win over Perfumerías Avenida), in 7th position in the 2011/12 season (defeating Rivas Ecópolis who was Euroleague Finalist few months after) and in 7th position in the 2013/14 after a significant budget reduction.

Andreu Bou won the Gold Medals in the U16 European Championship 2012 and 2013, as assistant coach. Andreu become the head coach in the 2014 U16 European Championship and he won the Bronze Medal and qualified for Semifinals in the 2015 edition.

In February 2014, Andreu took the reigns of the Campus Promete project and was their head coach until the end of the 2016/17 season, achieving the 7th position in Liga Femenina, which at that time was the best in club´s history.


2016/17 Head Coach Campus Promete (Spain-D1)

2015/16 Head Coach Campus Promete (Spain-D1)

2015 Head Coach U16 Spanish National Team

2014/15 Head Coach Campus Promete (Spain-D1)

2014 Head Coach U16 Spanish National Team

2013/14 Head Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)

2013 Assistant Coach U16 Spanish National Team

2012/13 Head Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)

2012 Assistant Coach U16 Spanish National Team

2011/12 Head Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)

2010/11 Head Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)

2009/10 Head Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)

2008/09 Assistant Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)

2007/08 Assistant Coach Sedis Cadí (Spain-D1)


  • Semifinalist U16 European Championship 2015
  • Bronze Medal | U16 European Championship 2014
  • Gold Medal | U16 European Championship 2013
  • Spanish League Semifinalist 2012/13
  • Gold Medal | U16 European Championship 2012