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Ziomara Morrison

Bandera Nacionalidad

Position: Power forward / Center

Height: 1'93

Date of birth: 15/02/1989

Birthplace: Chile

Nationality: Chile

Current team: Available

Situation: Available

Languages: Spanish, English

Ziomara Morrison Jara is a 1,93 m post player born in Chile in 1989.

Ziomara has been the Spanish 1st Division MVP during the first half of the season (playing against Maya Moore, Sancho Lyttle, Lauren Jackson, Erika de Souza, Dewanna Bonner, Ashja Jones and many others) to finally average 14,3 points 10,6 rebounds and 18,7 in efficiency per game, having an impressive debut season in the league.

Ziomara exploded last season in the Final of  Copa Castilla y Leon, defeating Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca (who was Euroleague Champion 2010-11 with Erika de Souza, Sancho Lyttle, Alba Torrens, etc) with 39 points 18 rebounds and 50 in efficiency of Ziomara Morrison, who was also named the MVP.

Daughter of former Panamanian player Rodolfo Morrison, Ziomara played for Universidad Catolica since she was eleven and until she was fifteen, when she emigrated to Italy.

During the 2005 Junior South American Championship and being just fifteen years old, Ziomara was the leading scorer, rebounder and blocker and also chosen the best player in the tournament, after averaging 22 points ,15 rebounds and 7 blocks per game.

Ziomara Morrison played in Italy, for Banco di Sicilia Ribera Junior Team, until the 2006-2007 season.

One year later she made her debut with the senior team, which played in the strong Italian First division.

With Chile National Team, Ziomara had a great impact in the Tournament of the Americas in 2007, achieving excellent numbers of 14 points and 7.6 rebounds per game and shining with a 20 points and 5 rebounds performance against Iziane Castro´s and Franciele Nascimento´s Brazil.

In 2008, Ziomara won the Bronze medal in the South American Championship in Ecuador.

At club level, Ziomara spent the 2008-2009 season between the Leon and Sedis Basquet, both spanish teams.

Ziomara played with Chile in the Tournament of the Americas 2009 and averages 14 points 6.8 rebounds in 24 minutes per game with 51% fom the field, shining with 21 points against Cuba.

Ziomara Morrison signed with Aros Leon in Spanish 2nd division for the 2009-10 season and immediately has a big impact in the competition, averaging 17.5 points 10.9 rebounds and 5.5 received fouls per game with 21,7 efficiency per game.

Ziomara was the best rebounder in the competition, the fourth scorer, the second player in drawn fouls and the second top player in efficiency in the league.

Ziomara Morrison signed with Burgos in the 2010-11 season, averaging 15,3 points 9,5 rebounds and 4,9 recieved fouls for 20,7 in efficiency in 27 minutes per game, qualifying for the Playoffs to Spanish 1st division.

In the Playoffs, Ziomara Morrison averaged 13,7 points 9,5 rebounds and 17,7 in efficiency, returning Burgos to Spanish 1st Division.

Apart from achieving the season´s main goal, Ziomara had her best game of the season against Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca, League and Euroleague Champion (with Sancho Lyttle, Erika de Souza, Alba Torrens, Anna Montañana, Silvia Dominguez, etc), winning the game after scoring 39 points, grabbing 18 rebounds for total 50 in efficiency that helped Burgos to win the Castilla Leon Cup.

Ziomara Morrison stayed in Burgos during the 2011-12 season, having her debut in Spanish 1st division and already scoring 24 points and grabbing 20 rebounds for 40 in efficiency in the second game against Hondarribia and averaging 14,3 points 10,6 rebounds and 18,7 in efficiency per game during the regular season.

Ziomara had also good games against the top Euroleague Tems, Ros Casares Valencia with 23 points 12 rebounds and 22 in efficiency (against Sancho Lyttle, Shay Murphy, Jana Vesela, Laia Palau, Silvia Dominguez, etc), Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca  with 23 points 9 rebounds and 23 in efficiency (against Erika de Souza, Dewanna Bonner, Marissa Coleman, Marta Fernández, etc),

In March 2012, Ziomara Morrison had 29 points (8/9 from the field, 2/2 from the 3 point line and 7/7 in free throws) and 15 rebounds against Ibiza, breaking the efficiency record by any player since 2007 with 45.

Ziomara Morrison is a hard working  post player who is continuously improving and who has been step by step reaching all the challenges that she has faced.

Apart from her low post game, she has been working hard in her outside shot and this season has scored 20 three pointers with an impressive 43,5% from the three point line, the second best in the whole league, only behind Maya Moore.

Currently, and after turning 23 years old in February 15th, she is one of the best posts in Liga Femenina and her upside is still very big.

Ziomara Morrison signed in the WNBA with the San Antonio Silver Stars in 2012, averaging 2.1 points and 1.3 rebounds in 5 minutes per game.

In the 2012-13 season, Ziomara Morrison signed with Rivas Ecópolis, playing both Spanish LF and Euroleague.

Ziomara averages 7.4 points 5 rebounds and 8.8 efficiency in 15 minutes per game in Spanish League.

In the playoffs, Ziomara averages 8.3 points 4.8 rebounds and 10.5 efficiency, being Spanish Queen Cup Champion and Spanish League Finalist.

In Euroleague, Ziomara Morrison averages 5.9 points and 3.9 rebounds in 16 minutes per game.

In 2013, Ziomara extended her WNBA contract with the Silver Stars.

In the 2013 summer, Ziomara wins the Bronze MEdal in the SouthAmerican Championship after averaging 21.4 points and 13.6 rebounds per game.

Ziomara is the best rebounder, the best in efficiency and the second best scorer in the Championship.

In the 2013-14 season, Ziomara Morrison signed with Ceyhan in Turkish 1st division.

In Turkey, Ziomara averaged 16.3 points 9.5 rebounds and 1 block per game with excellent 53% from the field.

Ziomara Morrison was named also several times MVP of the week, shining specially against Antakya (32 points 12 rebounds), Konak (29 points 14 rebounds), Kayseri (27 points 14 rebounds) or Canik (36 points 10 rebounds).

In March 2014, Ziomara Morrison won the Silver Medal in the ODESUR, averaging 28.6 points 19.8 rebounds 2.4 blocks and 38.6 efficiency per game.

2000-2005: Universidad Católica de Chile

2005-2007: Banco di Sicilia Ribera Junior (Italy – 1A)

2007: Tournament of the Americas: 14,0ppg 7,6rpg

2007-2008: Banco di Sicilia Ribera (Italy – 1A) : 3,6ppg 3,1rpg

2008: South American Championship : 8,8 ppg 3,2rpg

2009 Chile (Tournament of the Americas): 14ppg 6.8rpg in 24 min FG: 51%

2009-2010: Aros León (España – LF2): 17.5ppg 10.9rpg 5.5fr 21.7 efficiency FG: 48,2%

2010-2011: Burgos (Spain-LF2): 15.3ppg 9.5rpg 4.9fr 20.7efficiency 

2011-2012 Burgos (Spain-LF1): 14.3ppg 10.6rpg 18.7 efficiency

2012 San Antonio Silver Stars (WNBA): 2.1ppg 1.3rpg in 5mpg

2012-2013: Rivas Ecópolis (Spain)

2012-2013: Rivas Ecópolis (Spain-LF1): 7.4ppg 5rpg 8.8eff in 15 min  Playoffs: 8.3ppg 4.8rpg 10.5eff in 14min   Euroleague: 5.9ppg 3.9rpg en 16min

2013 San Antonio Silver Stars

2013-14: Ceyhan (Turquía-D1): 16.3ppg 9.5rpg  FG:53%  T3: 31.8%  T1: 82%

2014: Chile National Team (ODESUR): 28.6ppg 19.8rpg 2.4bp 38.6val


2005 Top scorer SouthAmerican Junior Championship

2005 Top rebounder South American Junior Championship

2005 Top blocker South American Junior Championship

2005 MVP South American Junior Championship

2008 Bronze Medal SouthAmerican Championship

2011 Castilla Leon Cup Champion

2011 Castilla Leon Cup MVP

2011 Promotion to Spanish 1st Division

2012  MVP of Round 2 in Liga Femenina

2012 MVP of Round 25 in Liga Femenina

2012 Second best % in three pointers in Liga Femenina

2012  Top efficiency for any player in Liga Femenina in any game (45)

2012 WNBA contract with San Antonio Silver Star

2013 Spanish Queen´s Cup

2013 Spanish League Finalist

2013 Bronze Medal in South American Championship

2013 Best rebounder in South American Championship

2013 Best efficiency in South American Championship

2014 ODESUR Silver Medal




Highlights Ziomara Morrison 2012 (December 2011 - February 2012)

Highlights Ziomara Morrison against Ros Casares Valencia and Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca (2011-12) (Euroleague Teams)

Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca 83 - Ciudad de Burgos 77 (10.29.2011) - FULL GAME

Ziomara Morrison 23 points 12 rebounds 6 drawn fouls +23 in efficiency

Ziomara Morrison Highlights against Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca (39 points 18 rebounds 50 efficiency)

Jopisa Burgos 72 - Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca 63 (01.04.2011) (FULL GAME)

Ziomara Morrison 39 points 18 rebounds +50 in efficiency and MVP


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